About My Life

I have blessed with a smile.

"Good to forgive, best to forget" is the profound lesson I have learned from my parents.

Learn secrets of successful entrepreneurs without a college degree

So what are the secrets great CEOs use to get success and make money?  If you want to learn more about their secrets Click here.  Note*: I’m not encouraging you to drop out of school,

Happy Life without Education

Is education important in order to be successful?

While my family, friends, and neighbors may have said yes, my point of view is an absolute no. I firmly believe that a person can and will be successful, with or without formal education.

My Inspiration

Every CEO Without College Degree.

I have been inspired by entrepreneurs and startups who have achieved tremendous success and amassed millions without a college degree.

My Inner Voice

The point of my Life is to connect with myself.

Smile and happiness are my best friends.

🎶 Music

“Music connects my Soul”

🙏 Spiritual

“Spiritual connects my Wisdom”.

📚 Reading

“Books connects my Knowledge”.

✈️ Traveling

“Travel connects my Happiness”.


“Blogging Connects my Passion”.

👽 Technology

“Tech connects my Feature”.

guess! what ! am now?

Providing free E-Books for newbies based on my experience.

Each of us has a gift and a skill. I believe everyone has incomparable talent and ability that are going to empower us to accomplish something we are interested in. Join hands if you are enthusiastic about learning and exchanging skills.

My Passion

Blogging is my passion.

I started blogging a couple of years ago. I had a passion for writing and doing something on my own and I always admire bloggers. Have a look at some of my articles.

My Professional Life.

My Father is my business guru. 

Professional Life