Hi, I'm Neel. A digital, social, serial entrepreneur, foodie, and media enthusiast. I love to be spiritual, traveling and freelancing are my hobbies, blogging is my passion, Journalism is my favorite niche.

About Me!

Enjoying passion, profession and social life with love.

SchoolI’m acollegaco college drop-out turned serial entrepreneur”. and I’m on a mission to help 50,000 people become entrepreneurs. Because I believe in Freedom. > Know More.

7 Secrets to balance passion & profession.

So what are the secrets great CEO’s use to live a balanced life?  If you want to learn more about other characteristics Knowmore.

Who Am! Why Am! 

Dimension Of My Life.

I love to be my self improving all dimensions of my life. 

Passionate Life 

The point of my Life is to connect with myself & engaging with spiritual lifestyle. I Am always responsible for what I say, not what you understood. For me world is a better place for being myself with nature.

Professional life

Providing both products and services related to B2B consultancy, finance, food, technology, entertainment, & organizing trade show and many more.

Social Life

Spreading the education is part of my social life, 500+ students already got trained for free. I believe in ‘Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye’ – Knowledge is that which liberates”. click here.

What Now?

“A big business starts small.

 I believe “A small business is an amazing way to serve and impact on the world”. I just started a cyber café in 2013 and expanded my B2B Consulting business and services to 9 countries with innovative products related to technology, finance, food, entertainment and consultancy.

9+ Years Experience | 9 Countries | 56+ Products & Services

My Dream Come True!

Hire Freelancer Now

It's my dream to build a carrier in B2B Business providing both products and services related to consultancy, finance, food, technology, entertainment, & organizing trade show.

My Personal Life.

My mother is my guru who taught me about emotions and the value of life. 

Personal Life