Hello there, I saw your eyes when you are reading these words. I love the way your eyes sparkle when you smile. Note:- Unfortunately my services and website are going to shut down shortly.

About Me

Namasthe, The point of my life is to connect with myself. I love to be spiritual, traveling and freelancing are my hobbies, blogging is my passion. I am a college dropout and a serial entrepreneur expriencing online business. As a freelancer, I enjoy people's smiles by making their business grow with-profits.


My Professional Life

My life is devoted to my parents. My father is a business person with 45+ years of experience. His wish was to start my own business. According to his wish, I started 'Bimba Group of Companie' Providing both products and services related to Technology, Education, Travel, and Fashion. Unfortunately the companies is going to shutdown shortly

What makes me feel happy?

Concern for others is my mother's ethics, My mother always believes "learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere". She initiated part of my life for educating needy. As a result, I started Loving kids very much. Illustrating the value of knowledge, Humanity, Social responsibility makes me happy and enjoy doing it. I am providing free computer education for Govt, school kids too.


"Music connects my soul" I have a broad variety of music that I listen to every day, Classical music also fills my day with joy.


"Spiritual connects my wisdom" I believe we all have spiritual guides and when I connect with them I feel wisdom.


"Reading connects my knowledge" Everything changes when I read. Gaining knowledge empowers my mind.


"Travel connects my happiness" To me travel is the perfect catalyst for gaining happiness and insights.


"Blogging connects my passion" Since I started blogging, every day I learn a new thing which helps me get better.


"Technology connects my feature" Technology is helping me to unlock the potential of my daily operations.

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Products and Services
  • Swami Vivekananda

  • Free Computer Education for Kids

    Most of the parents think computers to be nothing more than a playing machine - a time waste thing that children use only to play games and time pass. The truth is that society is growing based on technology. Whether you are speaking about business education or finance - every industry and business is becoming dependent upon computers.

    Business organizations today are interconnected and making profits because of tools that computers afford. This indicates that the people who have a greater knowledge of computer technology from an earlier age will hold a huge success in society. 

    That's why kids need to start getting knowledge about computers at a younger age.

    At present we are providing free computer education for Govt school kids. Interested people and  schools can contact me for more details. 

    Note: At present service is accessible only in Chintamani taluk and villages nearby Chintamani. 

  • Make money online

  • What makes me happy? How do I know it?

    Throughout our experiences and daily life, we’re explained that happiness is a recognizable psychological state of mind or something that you can “reach”. But it’s complex than that as happiness is one of the most prejudiced things in our lives.

    There are many levels included to start, how we define happiness and how happiness is defined in our culture or the community we live in. But on the whole, happiness is associated with peace, delight, satisfaction, and pleasure. I am blessed with different dimensions of life. Here are my top 5 dimensions of life which I enjoy.

    Spiritual Life 
    The purpose of life is enlightenment. My spirit always studies occult and spiritual science. Talking to spiritual people, engaging in meditation, Learning from others, friendship with nature and plants makes me happy.

    Social Life
    Join hands with me lets educate poor and needy students. 500+ students already got trained for free. I believe in 'Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye' Knowledge is that which liberates.

    Professional life
    My dream come true by building a business the empire in the name of "Bimba group of companies" providing both products and services related to Technology, Education, Consultancy, Fashions, and travel. 

    Personal Life
    Hi, I love to be alone, I Am always responsible for what I say, not what you understood. For me, the world is a better place for being myself with nature. Mental health and physical health are two interconnected factors that determine my overall well-being and quality of life. Yoga and meditation lead to good physical and mental health in my life. 

    Family Life

    The family is everything to me. The family shapes the quality of our lives, I love being with my parents, enjoying family trips, Having fun with relatives, Birthday, festival celebrations and many more.

    One more reason I am happy because of my enemies. I believe, everyone living on this planet must have an enemy. Believe it or not, our enemies aren't all bad. Trust me enemies are real, some friends are just fake.

    Top Things I learned from my enemies.
    • They made me influential in the heart.
    • They exposed me to calm thinking.
    • They taught me to reserve judgment.
    • They made me improve the habit of self-control.
    • They taught me to appreciate and respect others.
    • They taught me to accomplish in mastering challenges.
    • Finally, they told me who I really was. To be my real self. To be me.

    I am Happy - I am Happy - I am Happy

  • Successful CEOs Who Don't Have a College Degree

  • Top 10 Books Inspired Me

    I am motivated by every CEO without a college degree or school dropout.

    I have inspired by entrepreneurs and startups who made millions without a college degree.

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    Swami Vivekananda
    Kaivara Tatayya

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    "There is no key to open the heart
    except true love and trust.."

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